Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tellus Museum

Last Sunday, we had planned to take Riley to see Race to Witch Mountain, but found something to do that would be way more fun...the Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA. All we had to say was "dinosaur bones" and she was halfway out the door!

The museum has only been open since January--in fact, many exhibits were still under construction. We saw lots of cool skeletal casts and tons of gems, stones and geodes.

Riley standing in front of dino poop!

We also had the chance to pan for gems and dig for fossils in another part of the museum.

We left the museum and took a short drive to visit an old covered bridge.

Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Pat's 2009

We spent this year's St. Patrick's Day in our usual spot--Tybee Island and Savannah with the Fulkerson's. We drove down last Saturday and got on the island in time to enjoy Tybee's St. Patty parade. Riley had a blast and I was lucky enough to make friends with a beautiful girl, Stella, the Italian greyhound. She and I kept each other warm during the chilly parade.

Fun times at the Tybee St. Patrick's Day Parade.

After the parade, we were invited to Pat's house for food, drinks and fun. If you're lucky, you've seen some of the crazy pics posted on Facebook. Things got a bit out of hand, but the boys were quite entertaining!

On Sunday, we headed down to Fannie's for lunch on the deck with a great view of the ocean. Afterwords, we took a stroll, spent some time on the beach and then went for ice cream with the girls.

Monday, the Fulkerson's had work and school, so I worked during the morning and then Charles, Riley and I ventured out to lunch at Sting Ray's. After lunch, we did some shopping on the island.

Tybee Lighthouse

Riley inside the lighthouse.


View from the top.

Tuesday was the big parade in Savannah and we left Tybee early to get to Pat's house on Habersham. We had a great spot to watch the parade (and the nutty people) and had a wonderful day.

The first of many strange sights...

Jim gets a smootch from Ellen.

Cara, Charles, Emma & Zoe.

Charles & Jim.

The Bud Clydesdales.

Total playa...

Wednesday we left for home, but made a stop in Savannah for more shopping and lunch at Belford's. We sat on the patio and had an amazing lunch--fried green tomatos, salad, pasta and sandwiches. Amazing!