Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Words: Sold, Packing, Excitement

Okay, where to begin? It's been quite a while, but I have plenty of news to share.

Charles has been gone now for two months and that time has been very hard for all of us. We've gone to New Bern to visit (a whole week in April) and he's flown down here to visit us a couple of times, which makes all this a bit easier to handle. The good news is that the "count-down" is on and things are going to change completely near the end of May!

The house is sold! I thought it would take months, but we only had it on the market for a little over three weeks before someone put a contract on it. We closed on April 29th and are now "renting" the house back from the buyer for the remainder of May so that Riley can finish up the school year.

School ends on May 21st and we are making our big move on May 23rd. We cannot wait! A PODS unit will arive on the 20th and we'll frantically pack all weekend and make the final drive to New Bern that Sunday. We'll then stay in Charles in his apartment for a week (unfortunately, the cats will have to be in a kennel those days) until we can move into our rental house on June 1st.

The rental is very nice and in the subdivision we'd like to buy a house in. The owners are military (of course) and he's a pilot being temporarily transferred to Washington state for the next two or three years. They've done amazing work on the house and we've promised to take good care of it for them while we are there. Best of all? The house is maybe three miles from Riley's new school--one of the best in the area. I so won't miss the 45 minute drive (twice a day) to her school now.

We still have plenty of packing to do, but I don't mind--all the extra activity just means we're that much closer to being together as a family again!!