Friday, May 23, 2008

First Cavity

Riley and I visited the dentist a while ago for our regular cleanings--I got away with a "clean bill of health," but Riley had one small cavity. We had to go back for her to get it filled and it was her very first experience with "the drill."

I was so worried--the doctor had said she probably wouldn't need a shot to numb the area because the cavity was so small, but changed his mind when we arrived. She got into the chair and, as you can see, got quite comfortable. She had on shades to block out the bright light and was hooked up with a radio and headphones so she could listen to Radio Disney. Things were going well...

Riley calm, cool and collected--ready for anything.

Believe it or not, she was totally fine when the dentist gave her the shot to numb the area--not one tear shed or even a whimper from her. She did much better than I usually do. Last time I had a shot I cried! She was calm during the drilling process and we were all amazed.

The calm vibe soon vanished once the drilling was over and the dentist was preparing to fill the cavity. No one knows what happened, but all of a sudden she just "lost it." She was hysterical and kicking, screaming and crying as though she was in pain, but she obviously couldn't feel anything! The doctor and assistant had to take a break and calm her down to finish the job. I was escorted to the waiting area--all the while, Riley's screams could be heard by everyone in the office.

A very unhappy Riley with one very patient dentist.

She made it through the process. About two minutes after they wrapped things up she was completely fine--almost as though the last 15 minutes had never occurred! What a strange day...