Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Want That!

For the past several months (way too many for me to count), we've noticed that Riley, while watching cartoons and such on TV, will randomly shout out, "I want that!" or "I want to go there!" It can be extremely annoying--especially while I'm trying to work. Picture it: It's super quiet and I'm upstairs editing news stories and posting them online or, worse, I'm on a conference call with six people from all over the country and all of a sudden, a mighty shout rises up the hallway..."I WANT THAT!"

Lately, this phenomenon has been occurring during practically every commercial break--there's always some new and exciting toy or food product that she must have. I know, you're thinking, "Just turn off the TV." I would, but she's addicted and her watching Chowder or Johnny Test allows me the time to get some work done. (Judge me all you want--no one has accused me of being the perfect mother.)

Anyway, we've been asking her to try and refrain from making such loud exclamations all day, every day, but she continues this bizarre ritual. Charles gave me the reason after dinner this evening: He says he talked to her about this and asked her why she keeps yelling out, "I want that!" every time she sees something interesting on TV. Her answer was priceless...

Riley said, "I have to yell out like that, Daddy. If I don't, how will Santa know what I want for Christmas?"

Her logic makes perfect sense. I will no longer complain!


Cassie said...

Commercials are hard to deal with. I'm glad Riley's yelling at Santa and not her parents :)