Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Riley's a Black Belt!

It's official, Riley is now a Black Belt in karate!! Okay, actually, she now has a white belt with a black stripe, but somehow that just doesn't sound as cool as "Black Belt." Her new belt is a big accomplishment though--she's as high as she can go in class and is now the highest ranked student! She's very impressive and can perform some cool moves. She enjoys "throwing" other students and tumbling around on the mat.

The pictures below were taken during her test for her black belt last Saturday. Charles said she did so well!

The kid as her moves down-pat!

Ready to kick.

Showing her teacher she can punch.

Throwing Tray as part of her test.

Now she's pinning Tray.

She passed! Getting her new belt...

One proud girl!

A photo of the group.

Patiently waiting for a sticker at the end of class.