Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Having Flashbacks to "It"

So, we finally got our pumpkin and decided to carve it on Sunday. I pulled out all my pattern books so we could choose a design. I recently bought "decades"-themed book and was hoping to carve a Pac-Man design (from the "Dig Those Decades" book) this year.

Unfortunately, with a five-year-old, plans mean nothing! Riley looked through the books and found a design we just had to use. Of course, she picks one that the book calls "challenging." I tear it out and soon realize that the design is way too small for our rather large pumpkin. No problem! I just walk over to the printer/copier and re-size the design. I hit print and nothing happens. No ink. Great.

Riley really wants to carve the pumpkin so I have to improvise. I pull out some tracing paper and tape two sheets together so I'll have enough room to increase the size of the design. I had to draw the design myself! I just looked at what I had and tried to double the size just by sight.

I must say, things turned out pretty well. We transferred the design and began disecting our poor specimen. Riley and I dug out the guts and she and Charles pulled out all the seeds. We roasted them in the oven later--yummy!

When I was drawing and carving, I thought the design was just a weird scary face, but--after finshing and lighting it up--I noticed it reminded me of someone else. Pennywise. You know Pennywise, right? The "thing" that dressed up as a demonic clown and terrorized a 1960s town in Maine?

Pennywise is the main dude in Stephen King's "It" and pretty much ruined clowns for me--forever. I hate clowns. They creep me out. Now, I have a morbid looking one staring at me each and every time I enter or exit the house!

Thanks Mr. King...and thanks to Riley.

Think I'm reaching? I don't think so...

Happy Halloween!


Ronda Faries said...

Definitely an evil, brain-sucking clown. I'd have to leave that one out on the porch. It IS on the porch, isn't it? Remember the clown doll in Poltergeist?

Holly said...

Yeah, a bit too evil looking. The Pac-Man design would have been better!