Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wax On/Wax Off

Riley has been bugging us for a while to sign her up for a "real" karate class and we finally caved. She had been taking some simple classes at Taylor Farm Park for several weeks, but she was bored because the moves were very simple, there was no kicking and yelling involved and, most of all, she didn't have the "cool outfit" to wear.

Her first class was this past Saturday and she had a blast!

Posing for the perfect photo before class.

She insisted on another pose...

Warming up with the other students.

Running laps!

Learning the Knife-Hand Block.

Perfect execution!

Her little gee is so cute--it has a green dragon on the back because her class is called the "Little Dragons." She really enjoyed it and asked how many days she'd have to wait to go to the next class.

I hope she sticks with this whole karate thing--she wanted to participate in soccer last fall and didn't even make it through the first practice, but made it long enough for us to spend over $150 on registration, ball, shoes, outfit and socks!!!

Well, at least she looked cute!

No wonder she hated it--they had 30 kids on the field at one time!