Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweetwater (The Park, Not the Beer)

After Riley's karate class this morning (and a little retail therapy at Kohl's) we all decided to take a trip out to Sweetwater State Park. It's just a few miles down the road and is a really fun place to spend the afternoon.

Here's a bit of the history:
Today the park houses the remnants of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, which was destroyed by George Stoneman's cavalry on July 9, 1864. Although there was no fighting at Sweetwater a brief skirmish occurred at Alexander's Mill, also in the park. A third mill, just outside the park boundary, was also destroyed. The New Manchester Mill and Roswell Mill were major targets of William Tecumseh Sherman's forces because the products from these mills were used to outfit and house the Confederate Army. While Sweetwater Mill produced cloth for tents and sheets, Roswell Mill produced the famous "Roswell Gray" used in the uniforms. Other mills in the area handled grist.

Now for a few photos of the park and the mill ruins. I was very disappointed when we reached the ruins today--the last time I hiked here, you could walk through the old mill and explore every inch. Now there's a fence around it to keep hikers and visitors out. When will people learn to quit ruining things for the rest of us? Enough of my whining; back to the pictures...

Part of the frame-work of the old mill.

Another shot of a portion of the ruins.

We hiked the trail that took us by the river.

Riley taking a break on the rocks.

Part of "The Falls" area.

This was quite a random site...

Riley posing at a river overlook.

A peaceful spot.

Now I'm off to take massive doses of Aleve for my aching feet, ankles and legs!!