Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Final Countdown

Okay, so I'm having surgery tomorrow morning and I'm an absolute wreck. I've never had surgery (unless you count my C-section) and the thought of the recovery period and the pain has just got me all wound-up.

I'm having a septoplasty and turbinate reduction--the doc is also correcting a collapsed nostril on my right side. Sounds fun, huh?

The doc says my nose looks pretty much just like the one in the photo above. Out of a possible 10 for "messed up," he says my nose is a 9+.

I'll be out-of-it for a few days--probably close to a week. If splints are inserted during the surgery, I'll be back in the doc's office in three to five days to have those removed--big ouch! The swelling and general pain should last about three weeks. At six weeks, I should be able to tell how well the surgery worked. Total recovery time, according to my doc, will be four months.

I sure hope all this will be worth it!!


jen mowrer said...

Good luck tomorrow - you'll do FINE! I'll be thinking of you!