Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School and Too Short

Riley has been back in school for a couple of weeks now and she's doing well. I think she's really excited to be back with her friends and away from her boring Mommy. This week, a teacher took photos of the progress she's making in class--we were very impressed.

Working with the "movable alphabet."

What an awesome job!

Riley is also going to try being a Girl Scout this year. Her school has a group there, but she'll be the youngest. Right now, the girls range from 7 to 11. She should really be a Daisy Scout, but Carole, the group leader, says we should give it a try. Her first meeting is Friday.

Riley's school is also having a picnic tomorrow evening. I made a yummy lemon nectar cake to take. It should be fun evening, but it would be even better if they served beer and wine!

I also took Riley to get her hair cut today--she really needed it. I asked the lady to cut 3 inches, but she took more than 4! It was a shock for me (I almost cried), but it didn't seem to phase Riley one bit. School pictures are Monday, so she'll look extrememly different in her class photos this year.

Having fun with the mirror.

Ummm, that looks like a lot more than 3 inches...

All clean and ready for bed.