Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who Dresses This Kid? and More Evidence

Sunday morning was a bit cool for yardwork, but Riley and Charles headed out to mow the lawn and play anyway. Not long after, Riley comes back inside and tells me she's cold and could I please find her "skeleton" mittens. Odd request, but I get out the basket in the closet filled with all our winter goodies and go on about my business.

Minutes later, I check to see what Riley is up to and this is what she looked like:

Okay, this is a nice look for her...

She cracks me up! Hopefully this phase of wearing only boy clothes will pass--I actually heard a little girl behind us in line at Kohl's the same day tell her Mommy to "look at that little boy's shirt." God help us.

Remember Riley's little Houdini act with the candy wrappers a few weeks ago? Well, yesterday we found even more hidden wrappers behind the big screen in her play room downstairs. When I say a "few" more, I actually mean a lot more:

How did we not notice all this missing candy???

I thought it was humourous the first time--this time, not so much. I think I'm going to have to start hiding the candy in really obscure places--or just ask Dad to quit sending so much of it.