Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas & Becoming Alcoholics?

Christmas was really crazy this year and with Riley's birthday and the holiday, it seemed as though we were engulfed in one big tornado of wrapping paper! We celebrated Christmas at my mom's and dad's the weekend of December 14th and then had Christmas with Charles' parents on Christmas day. We all were so thrilled with all our wonderful presents!

Riley in front of our tree.

Riley & I created this ginger bread house. (Thanks Aunt Carolyn!)

Riley opening her stocking at Gami's house.

Helping Papa Doug open his gifts.

Mom's look of shock when she opens her new digital camera.

Dad & Cathy's new dog, Spanky.

Gee, I don't think Dad & Cathy bought enough presents...

Dad enjoys his new book. (I know it's by Glenn Beck--it's his, not mine!)

Dad & Cathy opening presents.

Overall, we received some wonderful gifts, but the most interesting were from Dad & Cathy. Now, Charles & I enjoy an "adult beverage" every now and then, but then it's not like we drink on a daily basis. I asked for a bottle of Pama and didn't get it. Instead, we got 25--yes, 25--bottles of liquor. Don't believe me? We actually had to buy a stand from Pier 1 just to hold it all...

We could open our own bar with all this stuff!

We also had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with the Collins family. We were super excited to spend time with Charles' brother, Mike, his wife, Pam, and daughter, Ann.

Jack & Nancy holding a very happy Ann.

Pam helps Ann with a new present.

Mike gets a new apron--he's such a great cook!

Pam and Ann play with her new blocks.

Speaking of alcoholics, should we worry about Ann? :-)