Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Atlanta?!?!

I miss seeing snow. Growing up near the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, I was used to getting a few good snowfalls as a child. We used to have at least one or two significant storms every winter--enough snow for a snowman and a kid-sized snow fort! Since moving to Atlanta though, I've seen a dusting or two that never lasted more than a few hours.

Riley and I were extremely excited when it started snowing this afternoon at approximately 4:20 pm. I took a quick video to at least document the snow coming down...

I was convinced that the snow wouldn't last long--I even told Riley not to get too excited. About 30 minutes later, the snow was still falling and actually starting to stick to the grass...

By the time Charles came home, Riley was ready to go outside and experience her very first encounter with snow! We bundled her up and Charles took her outside to play with her friends across the street.

Riley, Charles and the McCollum kids had a wonderful time...

Here are a few other shots of the snow--kinda pretty, huh?

It's now 8:00 pm and the snow has turned to freezing rain/ice, but it looks as though we got about an inch here. I doubt it will last long tomorrow, but I was wrong once earlier today!

I've also reached another milestone in parenting...I'll have to get up in the morning to see if Riley's preschool has closed for the day! I remember as a child getting up early after a snow storm and listening to the radio with my mom to see if my school was closed for the day--it was almost like Christmas morning.