Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hell Must Be Freezing Over...and Green Bananas

Well, the impossible has happened--Atlanta got a second round of snow on Saturday! It began coming down at 11:00 am and snowed until about 3:30 pm. This event was just as beautiful as the snow we got on Tuesday, but I think a bit of the novelty had worn off with Riley. She was happy it was snowing, but she wasn't as eager to get out and play this time! Here are a few shots of the rare, second snow...(make fun of me if you will, but this is truly a unique thing here in "Hotlanta!")

The snow covering Riley's playground.

Snow on the UT flag. Go Vols!

The "second" snow covering the back yard.

Now, the forecasters are calling for another chance of a sleet/freezing rain/snow mixture sometime on Tuesday and I'm not sure if we'll be lucky enough to actually see more of the white stuff. I am sure of one thing--Riley has decided she would be happy if it snowed everyday except Halloween. She's worried that if it snows on Halloween she won't be able to go trick-or-treating!

Just a quick little story about Riley: Earlier this week we were all at the grocery store picking up fruits and veggies. She and Charles aimed the cart for the bananas, but Riley became anxious and pulled on Charles' sleeve for him to come closer. When he leaned in, she whispered, "Daddy, maybe you should tell someone that these bananas are green!"

According to Riley, these bananas are "weird."